Retreat prep guide

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We’re so glad you’ve chosen to book your retreat with Mt. Lebanon! Below you will find some guidelines to help you prepare for your retreat. Click here for a printable version.
Bunk style lodges

Bunk lodge includes folding chairs and a few rectangle tables. Sound systems & WiFi are not available for bunk-style lodges.

What to bring (guests)
– Twin size bedding or sleeping bag and pillow
– Towels and Toiletries
– Modest, camp appropriate clothing
– Closed toe shoes for outdoor recreation
– Bible / journal
– Water bottle
What to bring (leaders)
– Extra trash bags
– Kitchen items (as needed): pots/pans, plates, cups, soap, sponges, napkins, coffee fixins & filters.
– Cleaning supplies: sanitizing wipes/sprays, paper towels
– Recreation equipment/balls
Dean grande lodge (motel & conference center)
– Two queen size beds per room
– Linens and towels provided
– Toilet paper and bar soap provided, no other toiletries provided
– Desk and clothing rack in each room
– Mini fridge and microwave in each room
– Conference room kitchen has 2 ovens, microwave, standard fridge/freezer, sink, and a coffee pot
– Tables, chairs, WiFi, and basic sound system are included 
retreat center (individual motel rooms)
– Two queen size beds per room
– Linens and towels provided
– Toilet paper and bar soap provided, no other toiletries provided
– Hanging rack and dresser in each room
– Rooms do not include TVs, telephones, hair dryers, or irons
– Free WiFi is accessible in each room
– Mini fridge is included in most rooms
Cleaning supplies

Each group is responsible for the cleaning/sanitation of their rented facilities during the retreat. Lodges and
meeting areas do not include extra trash bags, cleaning solutions, wipes, or sprays. We encourage groups to
bring enough supplies as necessary to last the entirety of your stay, to sanitize commonly touched surfaces such
as doorknobs, light switches, tables, chairs, faucets, toilets, etc. to help minimize the spread of germs/viruses.

Restrooms include toilet paper, hand soap & hand sanitizer, but no paper towels are provided. In the cleaning closet, a broom, dustpan, mop, and bucket are provided, but no cleaning solutions. Several trash cans are included in your lodge with a single trash bag liner, but you’ll want to bring extras for your stay. Throughout your stay, you can remove full trash bags from inside your lodge and put those in the larger trash receptacle on the front porch, which our staff will empty periodically.

Group Checkout procedure

Check out time is 4pm; groups staying past this time will be charged a late check out fee, assessed by the total number in attendance with your group.

-Please leave the buildings as close as possible to the way that you found them. If buildings are left in unsatisfactory condition, there will be a cleaning fee charged.

-Remove all trash/debris from inside the lodges and meeting halls and place in the large trash receptacle on the porch. If the outdoor trashcan is full, you can leave trash bags next to the trash bin. If there is a nearby dumpster, we also encourage you to put trash bags in the dumpsters.
-In motel rooms, please place any trash in the trash cans inside your room. Towels may be left on the bathroom floor or in the tub.

-Please return furniture to its original location. Please do not move furniture from one building into another. There will be a fee charged for any furniture that is missing or not in its original building.

-Wipe off any spills or food debris from tables, counters, cook tops, microwaves, ovens, coffee pots, etc. and make sure all appliances are turned off.
-Make sure that all lights, heaters, and/or ACs are turned off upon your departure.
-Please make sure all exterior doors and windows are closed before leaving.
-Check for any belongings that have been left behind by group members. Mt. Lebanon is not responsible for items that are left behind. Items that are found will be kept for 1-2 weeks before being discarded. Please also remove any signs you put up around the camp before leaving.

-Please return any keys or keycards to the red drop box on the office porch. There will be a charge of $5 per key for any keys not returned to the box.
-If you plan to leave earlier or later than the initial time frame that was discussed with the reservations coordinator, please call the security number on your Welcome Letter to make our staff aware of this change.

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