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    Contact us to find out how you can connect with your group NOT over the internet.  We’ll help you work through all the challenges of having a safe and productive retreat.  And with over 500 acres of outdoor space, it’ll be easy to connect while being distant.

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    Are you or is someone you know looking for a place to serve Christ this summer?  Come join our Summer Staff and help people meet Jesus!  Apply at MtLebStaff.com

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Welcome to Mt. Lebanon! (Printable Camp Map)


New Interactive Camp Map!


home-campWith a 1200 person capacity for lodging, food service, education, and recreation, the facilities of Mt. Lebanon provide an ideal setting for teaching, worship, fellowship and spiritual growth for many types of groups. The Christian camping experience leaves life-changing, spiritual marks on the hearts of individuals – and can set them on a life-long course for productive Christian living.



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