Prayer Time at the Zip Line

When asked about her group’s experience at the zip tower, Tricia responded:

“The event was a lot of fun, and we especially appreciated the time, understanding, and kindness of staff! One of our students wanted to zipline but was terrified, so the staff took their time with her, talking her through some of her fears, reassuring her to trust God, and even praying with her! AWESOME!”


Camp GAP has been an amazing experience for our group. I love how my students are challenged in their faith, and God’s creation is front-and-center in the setting. Our kids love all of the activities, and the worship services are OUTSTANDING! The best part this year was the 17 kids who trusted Jesus to be their BEST friend! Can’t wait for next year!

Karen Cavin, Mimosa Lane Baptist Church

As a Children’s Minister, I have been taking children to Mt. Lebanon for many years. It has been my joy to see many hearts of children be given to Christ and many lives changed through the ministry of camp. In my own family, there are very special memories of Mt. Lebanon. It was at the camp that my daughter met her future husband. Now this past summer, their daughter gave her life to Christ while at Mt. Lebanon Camp Gap. New lives in Christ, strength and encouragement for existing relationships and new beginnings-all are a part of the ministry that takes place at Mt. Lebanon. I am so thankful for the leadership of Mt. Lebanon and for the ministry they provide!

Bev Brown “Corner Stone Ministries”

Truly the weekend exemplified the beauty of the body of Christ, operating in unity, joy, focus and under the headship of His lead. The participants received not only physical care but the deep love of Christ through ministry of the Word, prayer, camp activities at Mt. Lebanon and fellowship. One notable blessing was the rest that the haven of Mt. Lebanon offered to the women. It was a frequent comment I heard from particularly those that sleep outside or on very thin mats at the shelters. Everyone slept well, tucked in with the love of our Lord.