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Mt. Lebanon Adventure Programs

For information, you may contact our Challenge course director Mark Hammers.

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Bring your team or organization to experience Mt. Lebanon’s adventure programs.

Develop Critical Thinking and Teamwork.

Critical Thinking

Think outside the box. It’s not just challenging, it’s fun. In a world where everything is about perspective, learn to see things from a different point of view. Build bridges, balance structures, think your team over a ten-foot wall. While on the adventure courses you will have to stretch more than your muscles, you will stretch your mind as well.


Trust, confidence, communication: these are skills that will be strengthened as your team completes the high and low ropes adventure elements at Mt. Lebanon. Groups from churches, schools, and non-profits utilize the camp’s adventure program to learn more about themselves, and how to work together to achieve mutual goals.

Challenge by Choice

Whether falling into teammate’s arms or jumping from a 35’ pole, participants are challenged both physically and mentally as they complete the adventure elements. The facilitators help participants try new feats and face their fears. These extraordinary opportunities strengthen participant’s decision-making skills in their day to day encounters.

Contact our Challenge Course Manager to discuss how we can help your team! Whether it be an afternoon getaway from the office or a weekend retreat, we can help you design the event to challenge your group and meet your needs.


Challenge Course Activities Available:


Zip Tower

Participants climb 50 steps up a spiral staircase to stand on top of the 4 story tower, overlooking a panoramic view of the DFW area.  Step off with a short drop that descends down the 250ft long cable. Share the experience with a friend as they zip beside you on one of four lines.

Alpine Tower

Sitting 50 ft high, this unique hour-glass shaped climbing challenge can be shared by up to 6 participants. With a variety of climbing obstacles, these elements can be done independently, with a partner, or as a team.  Some say that they can just imagine it is like climbing the mast of a giant pirate ship.

Climbing Tower

This structure has 4 vertical walls of various grips and rock holds which are used by participants to reach the summit. 8 climbers can go at one time using an auto belay to bring each climber down from their highest desired point.  Participants can race each other to the top or the blindfolds can come out to create a great team building activity where communication is key.


Continue the journey from the top of the Climbing Tower to the 4 stage high ropes course. Elements include a postman walk, Lilly pad, catwalk, and vine walk to return back to the tower.  Participants then rappel down the side of the tower to land back at ground level.

Power Pole

One participant at a time will climb the pegs of a single vertical pole; upon reaching the top, participants will balance and jump out to touch the suspended ball just out of arms reach in front of you.  Your team will be holding your safety line that will lower you back down to the ground.

Swing by Choice

Suspended by a steel cable, the participant will be lifted in the air by their team using a haul line. When at the desired height, the participant will pull the release and let the giant swing begin, descending with a fresh breeze in the face.  The higher they go, the longer they drop. This is a great team activity where the participant trusts the team to pull them up higher and higher.

Low Ropes Course

Elements and structures are used to challenge the team to accomplish a common goal and allow teammates to discover something new about themselves, the team, and how they fit within the team.

Team Building Challenges

Unique games presented by our facilitators are customized to progressively challenge the group through various stressors that will require teammates to bond together to overcome challenges.

Crate Climb

Carefully build a tower of milk crates while simultaneously balancing on the side of the tower.  The higher you reach the more balance is required to keep from tipping the whole tower over.  It is an exciting challenge where balance is crucial and friendly competition is welcome.